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Andy Fryer
That's me, that is.

I live in Wiltshire, UK, and I write about user experience, environmentalism and cycling. In all these topics, I consider myself an expert rather an evangelist; I'm here to help you make up your mind, not to think for you. I'm passionate about these subjects, but I'm not seeking to persuade you that you should be too. That's completely up to you.

Detail Matters: User Experience

For more than a decade, I've worked on all aspects of the software development lifecycle, for clients large and small, and built websites and intranets for end-users (that's non-technical people!). Although my own background is development, I have lots of experience with analysis and testing, and have spent plenty of time in front of clients. In recent years, my work has concentrated on understanding and delivering excellent user experience, but really that's been at the heart of my work all the time. We just didn't call it user experience in those days.

The Eco-Monocle: Pragmatic Environmentalism

I consider myself a pragmatic environmentalist; I'm convinced that whatever positive actions we take do matter, and it's far, far better to do something rather than nothing. But I'm not going to get hung up on Doing The Right Thing, all the time. We all have our lives to lead, and we're not perfect.  I prefer to celebrate success than to vilify someone for supposed failures. I like the phrase: a lapse is not a relapse.

In Pursuit of the Beautiful Cadence: Cycling

I like cycling, and I commute on my bike as often as I can. That said, I'm not a rabid cyclist. Yes, I wear Lycra, but not exclusively. No, I'm not a member of a cycling club. But I love the changing seasons, the wind in my face, and the pursuit of that beautiful cadence that feels like flying. Cycling connects me to a slower pace of life, a pace that allows me time to appreciate the world around me, and gives me space to think. All that and exercise too.

My blog: Expertise Not Evangelism

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