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Monday, November 1, 2010

What I Know About Fixedwheel Cycling

Keep pedalling.

You freewheel more than you realise.

Toe clips are a very good idea. They stop your feet slipping off the pedals when the going gets scary, and allow you a get-out when you need it.

Clipless pedals are for the experienced. Beginners need a get out fast.

Brakes are required by law, but may be redundant if you've got solid legs.

Bunny hops up the kerb are tricky.

Keep pedalling.

Unless you have very short cranks, you will ground your pedals from time to time.  Take the corners a bit less aggressively.

Falling off is nigh-inevitable, at first.

Keep pedalling!

Brakes are useful to slow the bike down on big downhills.

Mounting a moving bicycle is a tricky thing to master.

It's possible to stop pedalling if you lock up the back wheel, perhaps by braking very hard. You may experience an epic skid, though.

Don't. Stop. Pedalling.

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