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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Manifesto of Sorts

It's been called a Dammit List.

It's even been called a Brief Guide to World Domination.

Neither of those titles quite work for me (although I'm closer in spirit to the Dammit List, I think), and I've not yet come up with a suitably funky (or bombastic!) title, so I'm going to go with a manifesto, a statement of principles, a declaration of intent.

It's my ethos, what I'm all about. What you can expect from me; what I expect from myself; what you'll find in this here blog.

My employment has been in software development. I've spent the last decade designing and writing software, starting in the traditional (and now vanishing) role of analyst-programmer; working as technical consultant and architect; and then leading a team of people doing those roles. More recently I've been working in the red-hot area of usability and user experience (and isn't everyone an expert). So I've got some things to say on that topic, and some of them are backed up with actual experience and expertise. I'll be sharing them here.

On a more personal level, I've recently started to call myself a pragmatic environmentalist. I say "recently" not because I've only lately come to that way of being, but because I've only just discovered the phrase. For me, it perfectly describes that process of making a reasoned choice. I'm convinced that it's better to do something than to dither about doing the right thing, and so do nothing, victim to that horrible choice paralysis that comes from trying to balance too many options. So there'll be some of that on this blog too; practical examples of how I've balanced my environmental ethos with my first-world lifestyle. Without copping out.

I also like cycling. I'm a commuter and day rider rather than a club cyclist. In fact, I've never been a member of a cycling club, but I do a fair few miles on two wheels. I like being out in the open, travelling at a pace that allows me to appreciate the scenery and the changing seasons. You can expect some thoughts (words and pictures, perhaps) on that topic too.

And maybe even something about spoons.

All of the above will be delivered weekly, no less. Weekly. There, I've said it. A public commitment. It's happening.

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